tiistai 4. elokuuta 2015

Shaking the holiday off in the eve of IFLA conference

During the next few weeks the blog posts will be in English. I am soon heading to South Africa, to Cape Town to be precise. I will be a guest lecturer in the University of Western Cape and attending IFLA - World Library and Information Conference.
At the UWC I will be visiting the Department of Library and Information Science and giving two lectures: one concerning my own doctoral studies and one concerning the school libraries and information literacy from a Finnish perspective. I will also be meeting a fellow doctoral student.
The next week will consist of a presentation in IFLA School library session and school library visits. And the conference of course. I will be bloggin of different satellite meetings, sessions and speaches as well as of other notions and experiences during the trip. 
Expecting a very interesting, inspiring, and exiting visit!

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