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I am a PhD student in Finland, who is at the moment working as a lecturer in the Turku University of Applied Sciences. I have a 20 year long career in librarianship in school libraries, college and public libraries. I have been working in Finland, Greece, Portugal, and Sweden. I have Master's degree from University of Borås in Sweden.

My dissertation is about the Finnish core curriculum and information literacy conceptions. I have presented my research already in several forums and conference. You can find some of my presentations in the section 'Anu luennoitsijana'.

My interest are in:
  • School libraries and libraries
  • Learnin and learning in library context
  • Learning environments
  • Social media and personal learning network
  • Leadership issues and management
  • Innovative ways to work and develop
Please, don't hesitate to contact and ask more, since most of the pages are in Finnish.

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